Sunday, July 4, 2010


Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to The Learning Chat! I am excited about using this blog to share information about learning theory and its impact on the field of instructional design and technology. This is my first time creating and using a blog. I look forward to the learning possibilities. Here is a list of useful resources...

Instructional Design Central is a website which provides useful information for instructional designers. This website provides a list of professional organizations for educators in the Instructional Design and Technology(IDT)field. There is also a listing of publications and conferences. Job banks, podcasts, and video casts are also among the resources listed. A dictionary of terms and a list degrees is also a part of the information provided.

Making Change is a blog that shares practical ideas for developing "lively" elearning experiences for adults. There are links to webinars and downloads of pdf slides. Cathy Moore is the blogger. She has 25 years of experience in the field. Videos of explanations and demonstrations are incorporated into the blog. Moore also uses a link to Twitter. Books are listed as well.

The Upside Learning Solutions Blog provides a list of "30 Top Online Resources for Instructional Designers to Keep Up With". There is also a link to the "Top 100 Learning Game Resources". White papers can be downloaded and there are also articles listed. "This blog is about innovation, design, development, and trends in the Learning Solutions domain."

Each of the links listed here give a vast amount of information. Insight into the IDT field can also be gained. I found the resources to be great inspiration for creating effective and engaging learning experiences. Enjoy...

Terry Richard