Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Learning Theory course has been enlightening as I furthered my knowledge about how people learn. It was great to read about the various learning theories again. I took a learning theory course some years ago in my preparation to become a classroom teacher for middle school and high school aged students. During that time I applied what I learned to younger students, now it is fascinating to think of the same theories as they relate to adult learners. One key factor was realizing how a combination of the various theories make up an effective lesson, course or learning experience.

This course has deepened my understanding of my personal learning process. Because the cognitive learning theory was one that I recalled most from my earlier training, it has also been at the core of my teaching practice. However, reading again about other learning theories broadened how I thought about my own learning. Giving a name to how I learn through connectivism also increased my understanding of how I learn personally.

Learning theories, learning styles, educational technology, and motivation are all connected and important points of consideration for instructional design . Learning theories discuss how people learn; learning styles show learning preferences; educational technology focuses on the delivery of the information; and motivation impacts of the effectiveness of the overall learning. Understanding the learning process can help when breakdowns in learning are encountered. Having knowledge of various learning styles and preferences can possibly serve as a remedy to the breakdown or blocks to learning. Educational technology creates various ways to deliver learning, which also serve as outlets to appeal to different learning styles and modes of learning. Keller’s ARCS model of Attention Relevance Confidence and Satisfaction highlights key components for application in learner motivation.

Keeping in mind the principles of learning theory discussed in this course will have a great impact on my work as an instructional designer. The information discussed will provide strong guidance as I strive to deliver creative, effective and engaging learning experiences.

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